Share some advice on hair

Share some advice on hairToday I consider it is safe to assume that summers have hit us strong and there’s always something you do with yourself and your attire each time the sun varies intensity with which it shines on you. At the top of that list and also on the top of your head is hair.

It’s always refreshing to welcome a forthcoming season with a haircut that could change the entire concept of your look and even give you a whole new personality for every season.

Choosing a hairstyle isn’t just getting what you think looks good on some one you knows head. Considering you have an experienced hairstylist you must take into account the sort of clothing you usually adorn and also the shape of your face and the season. For summer hair styles that make you look good or are perhaps an innovation in styling here are some of the most popular hair style for 2011.

The curly faux ‘fro is something that Justin Beiber does not have copyrighted. In case you have curly hair, literally let them grow back to their roots and let your locks loft around.

Next up, the urban pompadour is the sort of hairstyle that you can see on Bruno Mars. Its better shaved on the sides and a sort of combed back sort of a puff. Like they say, the higher the hair, the closer you are to God.

The never running out of fashion ‘out of bed effect’ takes the prize. Its suitable and convenient for most men with short hair. All it takes is a wee bit of wax and a little shaping.

The curly q  sort of hair is a style adorned by celebrities like Andy Cohen. If you think your hair has the potential and it satisfies you, why don’t you embrace it and take a trim here and there.

My personal favorite, the less is less approach is one also liked by Mike Posner. It being as close to the scalp as you can and takes little maintenance and beats the summer heat like no other.

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