13 Habits of HIGHLY Stylish Men

 13 Habits of HIGHLY Stylish Men

The structure is key. Without it, there’s only chaos. What routine do you rely on as a stylish man? Maybe you don’t have one at all. Maybe you’re just getting started on your journey and you want some direction. Gentlemen, say no more. Today, I’m highlighting 13 men’s style habits that the MOST stylish among us cling

1. They Look In The Mirror Every Day

No, they aren’t self-admiring. Stylish men do this in order to steal a little extra confidence each day. There’s something magical that happens when you get ready for the day and give yourself a final glance before heading out the door. Man in the mirror a single glance at the mirror can do a lot to boost your morale for the day ahead. Do not underestimate that feeling.

2. They March To Their Own Tune

Some men’s style habits are harder than others – and this is an example of the latter. Humans want to conform. It’s embedded into our genetic code through aeons of evolution. That even applies to one’s appearance. Pursue your style no matter what other people are wearing. Set a high standard for how men should look. A TRULY stylish man is one who understands his “why,” his motive for dressing well. Once he figures that out, the rest is cake. He might dress differently than his friends, but he doesn’t care.

3. They do not Wear The Same Clothing Every Day

Yes, Gentleman doesn’t wear the same cloth every day. The combination of clothes that defines you. Personally, my signature everyday look includes a sports jacket, well-fitted jeans, and a dress shirt. It can be as simple as that, gentlemen!. Your suiting tells the world and others around you what you are about. Andre Emilio makes luxury suiting for gentlemen. These are absolutely unique garments. Every bespoke suit is unique and viewed as a work of art.

4. Shining Your Shoes Right After Your Wear Them

Shoes – especially quality ones – require regular maintenance. This means leather conditioner, the right brushes, and the right polish depending on the colour of your leather.

5. Fighting The War On Wrinkles

This means ironing your clothes – I know, it’s not sexy. Nevertheless, wrinkles make even the nicest outfits look rather horrid. Ironing can be boring, but the results are worth it. Make sure to iron your shirts once a week. Grab those that you intend to wear throughout the week and knock them out during the weekend.

6. They Default To Simplicity

Less is always more when it comes to men’s style habits. This means never over-accessorizing or wearing a ton of the same patterns. Restrict yourself to 2-3 accessories as a maximum.

7. They Protect The Benjamins

Few things are as unseemly as an overstuffed, shoddy wallet. Always opt for sleek, stylish leather wallets and keep in them only what you need: some cash and your cards.

8. Their bedroom is NOT a landfill

The organization is the name of the game here. Keep your closet as organized as possible. Do your best to avoid clothing you never wear. Don’t keep anything you simply tolerate. Stick with what you LOVE.Go through every garment you own. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months and don’t see yourself wearing it in the future, dump it or donate it.

9. Owning Multiplication Clothing, Not Addition Clothing

This all falls down to the interchangeable wardrobe, gentlemen. Always make sure that every garment you buy can match with as much of what you own as possible. Don’t start shopping for patterns unless you have 3-4 white and light blue dress shirts. Start with some navy chinos. Opt for a charcoal sports jacket to start with, etc.

10. They Experiment With Hair Products

Different hair products do different things. Gels will give you a shinier, sleeker look. Man applying hair mousse. You never know what you’ll find while experimenting with hair products. Putties, however, will offer a matte finish while granting a slightly messier look. The point is to experiment with it all in order to change things up and pinpoint a style that suits you best.

11. They Know Their Tailor & Barber

These are the guys that are going to make you look your best no matter what. Be friendly with them, know their names. Visit them often for any fixing you need – whether it be on clothing or that lovely head. You should visit your barber at least once every two weeks!

12. Having A Weekly Grooming Routine

Stylish men are always on top of their appearance, and this goes beyond mere clothing. This means washing your face twice a day, shaving, proper nail care, and good hygiene.

13. They Love To Smile – And Smell Nice

Going a little deeper into that grooming routine, let’s talk about brushing your teeth. Gents, nothing says ugly like talking and still having crap lodged between your chompers. Brush your teeth twice a day, and use mouthwash.Having bad breath is enough to take any man’s confidence away. Heck, you can even take mints with you to work. Freshen up before that big presentation!

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