What to do with your summer shopping list

 What to do with your summer shopping list

what-to-do-with-your-summer-shopping-listAs ordinary and naive as it may sound, you need to look good to feel good. With the change of season you need to keep in mind, the stitch, the material and the color of every clothing essential that you desire to acquire. Be it shoes, blazers or any other form of linen that a man can carry, trend and style are two of those essential commodities that must be kept in mind. Summer trends for men change every year and sometimes the reckless effort or its lack thereof as a consequent to the attitude of our better halves; they never seem to reach us.

Trends and style in clothing depend largely on demographic variation. However there are always a few tips and pointers for summer trends for men that may in fact make YOU the trendiest man out there.

Shoes! Women love them, secretly so do we. Now we all have a pair of the classic boat boots, they never run out of style. However, the summer trend for men’s shoes this season revolves around the suede. This, with a bleak sole, white is the color of choice. Go for brighter colors with your denim. Canvas works brilliant in keeping out the heat, however if there’s rain then your shoes will definitely be in some pain.

Trend and style for shirts never really vary. They just repeat and follow the ‘what goes around comes back around’ concept. Wear a lighter cotton shirt. Work it with a pair of white pants and you’ll look charming than any other prince. Summer trends for men shirts still revolves around the beach prints stitched in fine silk.

Sport a pair of fancy shades. Big enough to cover your eyes, aviators never fall short with modifications when it comes to trend and style. Although the influence of the classic Ray Ban wayfarers is hugely clicking in, go for a plastic frame for your shades that come under regular use. The metal sometimes heats up in your dashboard and is extremely uncomfortable to put on.

No summer trend for men is complete without a pair of flip flops. The trend and style for the flip flop has gone through a massive transition. Soles and material has emerged from the classic slip free rubber to bamboo shoots and wooden oak soles. Choose one with a comfortable fit, something that wouldn’t cause your feet to sweat and slip.

Although trend and style vary with every individuals taste and personality, summer trends for men circulate around lighter fabrics and brighter colors. Last but not least, let us not forget that the trendiest of men are those that smell best. Wear a good pleasant summery fragrance. Axe works best as a last resort.

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