Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods

Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods

Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods

Top 10 Libido Boosting FoodsSome times when size, shape and experience are falling apart, but you can’t bear the extent of sexual tension that’s clinging on to you and your lover, take a trip to the kitchen. Mix the right ingredients and you might just land yourself a surprise, right there on the kitchen counter, just the way you like it! Here’s a list of ten libido boosting foods that will make sure that all that comes between you and your lover are beads of sweat and ignited passion.

Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods

10 – Grapes

Simple, sensuous and convenient, grapes are number ten on our list of aphrodisiacs. Easy to manipulate, use and commonly available, they work best to easy any tension and eliminate any awkwardness. Grapes are at 10 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


9 – Avocados

Packed with proteins and vitamins, avocados fall into the category of food items that keep you going and help you last longer. Besides, if you’re not good with your flirting and seduction, maybe you can take some credit for a well lubricated woman on part of the avocados you might have fed her. Avocados are at 09 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


8 – Mangos

Don’t have any avocados? Resort to the fresh sweet pulpy flesh of the mangos. They work as an appropriate alternate to avocados and serve as efficient lubricants. Mango are at 08 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


7 – Whipped Cream

This item made it to our list just for fun. Think of all the fabulous parts you can fill with this and all the luscious tongue and lip movements to get it out. Whipped Cream are at 07 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.

Whipped Cream

6 – Strawberries

Either as an abutment or even the main course, strawberries work well to stimulate your pleasure receptors either by themselves, laced with chocolate and whipped cream or even when taken as an appetizer with the king of drinks, such as a goblet of champagne. Strawberries are at 10 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


5 – Caviar

Heavy on your pocket, and not just for the ordinary, these fish eggs are the most exquisite delicacy present in every day today. A symbol of fertility. Caviar are at 05 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


4 – Chocolate

Chocolate works best to suffice all your quilt pleasures. Melt it and paste your lover and slobber your lover with it all over. It has been reported that women produce more endorphins when feeding on chocolate. Chocolates are at 04 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


3 – Oysters

High and Zinc and resembling the consistency of the female anatomy, women like to provocatively slurp this delicacy to slowly erect the tent in their gentleman’s plants. Oysters are at 03 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


2 -Champagne

A little bit of bubbly goes back a long way. Back to the medieval times, its dated back to royalty who used it to woo theirQueensto be. Champagne are at 02 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.


1 -Cognac Love Potion

Libido Boosting Foods, an old recipe that dates back to the early renaissance, this magical drink makes your roar like a tiger in bed. The optimum blend of cognac, white wine and cinnamon sticks make sure you have enough. A little bit more than you can handle and you’ll be sleeping like a baby rather than making a baby. Cognac Love Potion are at 1 amoung Top 10 Libido Boosting Foods.

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