Top Ten Worst Foods For Men

 Top Ten Worst Foods For Men

It is widely known that your health depicts what you eat. It is, however, very important to know what you are eating, because it affects your health in every way. The food that lasts in your mouth for just about a minute or so, stays in your stomach for more than an hour and affects your health for even a much longer period of time. So, everyone should better watch what they eat and what effects it would have on your health.

Foods for men’s health have a long list; however, there are a few foods that affect the men’s health adversely. As a general rule, men should not consume iron and soy in large amounts for they can cause serious health problems.

We are listing down the top ten dangerous foods for men’s health, so that you would know that you should avoid these foods because they might be dangerous for your health.

Hot Dogs

Hot DogThey contain a lot of calories that are dangerous for health of not just men but women and children as well.


FuguIt is also known as blowfish and is on the list most dangerous foods for men’s health. It contains a deadly poison called tetrodotoxin, which is more deadly than cyanide! It needs special procedures to prepare for consumption but it is advisable to avoid it.


AckeeIt is a fruit produced in Jamaica, and is their national fruit. It was originally produced in West Africa, and then migrated to Jamaica. It contains a toxin called hypoglycin which is dangerous food for men’s health. Having ackee unripe can cause severe vomiting other than a few self explanatory symptoms. It even causes coma or death.


PeanutsThey are a great fruit but you are one of those rare people who have peanut allergy, then it could be deadly for you. It is on our list for the top ten most dangerous foods for men’s health and is the most common food among the prone to allergy foods. It causes severe asthma and can even cause death.

Contaminated Greens

Contaminated GreensThe leafy green vegetables that in any way; come in contact with the contaminated water or not have been washed properly can cause serious damage to your health. On the list of the top ten dangerous foods for men’s health, leafy greens should be consumed with utmost care and should be handled carefully while preparing for consumption.


RhubarbNext on the list of top ten dangerous foods for men’s health is the pie plant, as we know it. It is said that the leaves of rhubarb should never be consumed neither raw nor in the cooked form. It contains many poisons other than oxalate which are hazardous to health.


TunaIt is the most favorite fish in the world but is also dangerous! On the list of top ten dangerous foods for men’s health, it is said that tuna affects your nervous system adversely like slow poison. It should not be consumed on a regular basis and should not be stored for long.


CassavaAlso known as tapioca, this food is among the top ten dangerous foods for men’s health. Its roots contain cyanide; a deadly poison which can cause instant death. It needs utmost care in its preparation, if not then this pudding favorite can cause serious damages including cancers.


CoffeeA cup of joy can cause damages as well! It surely has a few benefits, but the setbacks are even severe. If consumed regularly, it can cause sleeping trouble, increased heart rate, chronic blood pressure, and discoloration of the teeth. So better stay away from this health hazard.


MushroomsThey are the last on the list of top ten dangerous foods for men’s health, and are quite capable of killing! There are varieties like death cap, destroying angels and deadly webcap that can cause instant death. It is said that there are more than 90% types of mushrooms that are hazardous to health.

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