Top Ten Drinks for Men

 Top Ten Drinks for Men

top ten drinks for men range from pure water to sugar free health drinks to energy drinks for a source of guidance for best beverage consumption.

Following health drinks compile the chart of top ten drinks for men:

1 – Water

WaterThis health drinks is the ultimate rehydrating agent that summits in the top ten drinks for men. It provides balanced metabolism rate and helps restore breath, sweat level and waste removal. Have at least two liters of water per day.  This is easily available and is the perfect health drink forming one of the top ten drinks for men.

2 – Skimmed milk

Skimmed milkThis top ten drink for men is the complete source of calcium and minerals to satisfy your body’s requirements. At least one cup of this health drink is a daily essential for human body. This health drink has all the benefits of milk but do not carry the fats bit thus keeping in the chart of top ten drinks for men.

3 – Tea

TeaThis most commonly consumed health drink may be in with tea bag or tea leaves often with flavor like cardamom. If you do not add milk to this health drink, this is called ‘kahwa’ or some even take it in the form of green tea. This can also be kept sugar free thus being in the second position in the top ten drinks for men.

4 – Coffee

CoffeeAnother one of the top ten drinks for men is coffee that is the caffeine dose making you alert for the tough day. Nescafe is the name that clicks when we think of the health drink coffee. This health drink is accompanied by variety i.e. Frappuccino, Espresso, Chocolate Whipped cream etc. thus securing its place in the top ten drinks for men.

5 – Fresh fruit juices

Fresh fruit juicesFruit of every season brings its own nutrition and zest. This one of the top ten drinks for men is easily available in market and can also be prepared at home. You can have this sugar free health drink with food or at any time of the day because of their easily digestible nature thus forming the top ten drinks for men.

6 – Fresh vegetable juices

Fresh vegetable juicesIt does feel a bit strange but these extremely wholesome health drinks are required by human body. Carrots, lemon and even cucumber juices are in the list of top ten drinks for men providing the complete nutrition of the raw vegetable.

7 – Smoothies

SmoothiesStrawberry, blueberry, banana, and even chocolate combined with nourished milk forms a strong health drink under the top ten drinks for men. The treat is loaded with fun plus vitamins making this health drink a complete meal.

8 – Non-caloric sweetened beverages

Non-caloric sweetened beveragesThis is the diet community of top ten drinks for men where those who can’t afford to miss cold drinks can quench their thirst. This health drink usually contains saccharin or sucralose that are sweeteners aiming to give the same taste with less calories.

9 – Energy drinks

Energy drinksThe renowned Red Bull phenomenon springs from the concept of this health drink causing increased alertness and energetic feel that equips a person for better and longer potential of performance taking its position in the top ten drinks for men.

10 – Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinksThese have to be consumed in very little quantity usually as a medicine to fall in the health drinks list of ‘top ten drinks for men’. They carry sugar and also ingredients that weaken your senses so be very cautious when consuming any such health drink.

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