“I think it helps him more” Amber Rose Remains Unwavering in Support of Trump Despite Conviction

 “I think it helps him more” Amber Rose Remains Unwavering in Support of Trump Despite Conviction

(Images: Instagram/@amberrose)

Model and television personality Amber Levonchuck, also known as Amber Rose, remains steadfast in her support for former President Donald Trump, even after his recent conviction for falsifying business records. When asked if the conviction had changed her perspective, she responded, “Nope, not at all.” Rose believes that the conviction might actually bolster Trump’s campaign. “I think it helps him more. Yeah, absolutely,” she told a reporter in a candid street interview.

Rose first publicly endorsed Trump for the 2024 election in May, during his trial. She posted a photo with Trump and Melania on Instagram, captioned “Trump 2024.” This controversial endorsement drew backlash from some followers who felt it contradicted her past activism for women’s rights. However, the 40-year-old model stood by her stance.

Rose claimed she was no longer ‘brainwashed’ by liberal ideology. “I think we just did our research and we’re just, you know, we’re not brainwashed anymore by the Left,” she stated. “I could say that about myself. All these years, I’ve been brainwashed, and I’m not anymore,” she told Mediaite. Interestingly, Rose had once called Trump an ‘idiot’ in a 2016 interview.

According to The Cut, she responded to Trump’s comment about Hillary Clinton only getting support from ‘non-hot’ celebrities by saying, “He’s a f**king idiot… He’s so weird. I hope he’s not president.” Fast forward to today, Rose joins other celebrities like rappers 50 Cent and Kodak Black in supporting Trump’s 2024 bid, despite his legal troubles, as reported by Billboard.

Celebrity endorsements could prove influential, as polls show Trump gaining support among Black voters, a crucial Democratic constituency. An April survey found that 30% of Black voters planned to vote for Trump over Biden, a significant increase from the 8% he received in 2020. While Trump maintains a slight lead over Biden in early polls, his legal issues were initially seen as potential hindrances.

However, steadfast supporters like Rose believe the opposite—that the legal persecution will only galvanize his base. “I think people see the injustice in what happened and they wanna vote for him more than ever,” she stated.

Whether most voters view Trump’s situation as an injustice or criminality remains to be seen. Some political analysts suggest that Trump’s legal battles could ultimately work in his favor by allowing him to portray himself as a victim of a partisan ‘witch hunt.’ Todd Blanche, Trump’s lead defense attorney, hinted that the defense team has been focusing on the post-conviction process rather than the trial itself, as reported by Politico.

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