Candace Owens Rejected: Supreme Court Rejects ‘Fact Checkers’ Petition & Called Out Her COVID-19 Lies

 Candace Owens Rejected: Supreme Court Rejects ‘Fact Checkers’ Petition & Called Out Her COVID-19 Lies

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Nobody, including a Supreme Court with a conservative supermajority, wants to hear Owens’ misinformation.

The Supreme Court dismissed Candace Owens’ petition on Monday, which was centered on her lawsuit against media “fact checkers” who claimed that her social media posts about the COVID-19 death toll were false.

The controversial conservative commentator sued Lead Stories and USA Today in May after they called her Facebook posts about the number of COVID-19 deaths “false,” according to Law And Crime. Lead Stories and USA Today are two of Facebook’s most important “fact checkers.” Owens stated in her petition that Facebook was her “primary marketplace” and that the labels had “severely damaged” her income.

The 33-year-old with a history of exaggerating the truth also argued that the “warning labels […] superimposed the term ‘FALSE’ across the top of her posts” which led to the termination of a “valuable ‘advertising contract’ with Facebook.”

After commenting on the government’s COVID-19 death count and implying that the numbers were inaccurate because of incorrect data, fact-checkers slammed Owens with a “false” label. She claimed that the companies had violated her right to free speech in the lawsuit.

“Her comments were thoughtful, researched, political, public, and certainly controversial: in short, they lie at the very heart of the protections of the First Amendment, addressing perhaps the most important public issue at the time,” her lawyers said, according to the petition.

The star’s request for the Supreme Court to even hear the case was swiftly rejected on Monday, and the justices made no statement explaining their decision to dismiss the petition. Owens made headlines once more a few hours after the decision was made for showing up to Kanye West’s YZY SZN 9 fashion show in Paris while donning a long-sleeved shirt with the slogan “White Lives Matter.” The podcaster and Kanye took a photo together during the show while both were wearing the same eyebrow-raising shirt.

Several reports claim that some models were also seen wearing the shirt while the show was going on. It is not known if the song will be featured in the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s most recent collection.

There has been no word on what West’s most recent stunt aims to say, but like Owens, it won’t be the first time he stirs up trouble with his divisive political opinions. Kanye West previously offered political support to Donald Trump while he was president in 2018. If you recall, the singer of the hit song Late Registration received criticism for donning a MAGA hat that year. As a presidential candidate in 2020, he also gained attention.

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