Is Donald Trump Using Secret Strategies to Halt Melania’s Divorce Plans

 Is Donald Trump Using Secret Strategies to Halt Melania’s Divorce Plans


According to the Mirror, speculations are rife about Melania Trump contemplating divorce from former President Donald Trump. Relationship expert and dating coach, Kate Mansfield, expressed concerns about Donald Trump possibly using “extreme persuasion” or even “underhand tactics” to dissuade Melania from going through with the divorce.

Mansfield told the Mirror US, “Given Trump’s convictions and plummeting public image, the impact of a divorce would shatter his already inflated self-perception.”

Melania has previously supported Donald through numerous controversies. However, the gravity of his recent scandals might be the tipping point for her. Mansfield commented, “Melania might view his implication in the Stormy affair as the final straw. From a relationship expert’s standpoint, I’d hope she recognizes the signs and makes a decision for her well-being.”

On his part, Donald Trump has indicated his intention to remain in the political arena despite his convictions. When asked in an interview with John Fredericks about any potential hindrances, Trump stated, “The Constitution doesn’t prohibit it.”

Meanwhile, there are concerns about Melania’s involvement in the legal matters surrounding her husband. An insider mentioned her apprehension about being implicated in investigations, especially with district attorney Alvin Bragg reportedly keen on examining her emails. Although a New York judge deemed a recent request to access these emails as “too broad,” future scrutiny cannot be ruled out.

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