Keanu Reeves ‘Embarrassed’ By His Fortune, Has ‘Given Away a Lot of Money’ – Report

 Keanu Reeves ‘Embarrassed’ By His Fortune, Has ‘Given Away a Lot of Money’ – Report

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Iconic Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, who has an estimated wealth of $315 million, is known for his huge charity contributions, which can be explained by the fact during his life he has suffered a series of tragedies, people close to him reportedly say.

A friend close to Keanu Reeves’ family told The New York Post that the actor is embarrassed by his fortune.

Although rumors that the actor donated 70 percent of his salary from the first Matrix film to the Institute for Cancer Research have been dismissed by Reeves’ representative, he is described by some to be one of the most kind-hearted and generous Hollywood stars.

“Keanu’s given away a lot of money and done a lot more for people than most will ever know,” a family friend told The Post. “He knows how lucky he is. Unlike many Hollywood megastars, he never takes any of this for granted.”

The actor has donated large amounts of money to cancer charities and even auctioned a date with himself.

Reeves has also been known to give gifts to colleagues dealing with difficult situations. The actor reportedly gave $20,000 to one of The Matrix’s set builders after learning the man was in serious financial trouble.

Apart from that, 12 stuntmen from The Matrix Reloaded received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from the actor. After filming John Wick 4, Reeves presented the stuntmen with a Rolex Submariner watch with a personal inscription.

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