Diamond Studded Gold iPhone 5 sells for over $100,000

 Diamond Studded Gold iPhone 5 sells for over $100,000

Diamond Studded Gold iPhone 5We’ve beforehand appear beyond Goldgenie’s adroitness of adorning phones in the best comfortable of attires, in this case, abnormally the iPhone.

Diamond Studded Gold iPhone 5 PicturesYet again, the affluence customizer garners its acuteness to add to its already aweing Superstar ambit two iPhone 5 adornment editions, gold Superstar iPhone 5 and diamond-studded Superstar Ice iPhone 5, abstemious with about 364 diamonds. The prices to anniversary of these models clad with 200 grams of solid 18ct.

Diamond Studded Gold iPhone 5 Picsgold accept been quoted at £48,000 (approx. $75,200) for the Superstar and £68,000 (approx. $106,600) for the Superstar Ice.

Each of these models back purchased, comes in a adult blooming oak accomplished box, across-the-board of an Apple ear-pod with alien and mic, a berth adapter to USB cable, a USB ability adapter and a documentation/authentication certificate.

You can alike accept added smartphones accustomed a affluence advancement by Goldgenie. All you charge to do is acquaintance them for an alone quote.


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