Woman gets new tattoo on the back of her leg, realizes she made a big mistake: “This is my driving foot”

(Image: scuffitup/TikTok)

A woman shared her “buyer’s remorse” after getting a tattoo at the worst possible time. Ry Michelle, from the United States, got a tattoo last year and quickly realized she’d made a mistake.

“I don’t know who would make a tattoo on the back of the leg in the middle of summer in Las Vegas,” she said while sitting in her car. “And if you are looking for a tattoo, on the back of your leg, in the middle of summer, in Las Vegas? Don’t do it.”

She lifted her left leg to show the bird skeleton tattooed on the back of her upper thigh. “This is my driving foot,” Ry added. “It’s probably the only tattoo regret I will ever have.”

In the hot temperature, the black leather seat she was seated on made it worse. One recommended: “Winter is best for tattoo so you can heal before hitting the pool!”

When her legs became stuck to the heated leather seats, a woman said she couldn’t understand Ry’s pain. “Thank you for the advice because I was just considering doing that and it’s like 107C this week,” another wrote.

Some advised Ry to place a towel over the seat, which she tried but it didn’t help with the pain. “Girl, the back of the knee is no joke, never again!” a fourth added. Meanwhile, a lady who regretted getting a “meow” tattoo on her lips had her art removed.

Wilma Hägglund of Sweden was meant to have the writing within her lips, but when she saw the letters on the outside, she screamed. She waited two weeks before scheduling a laser removal session to remove the tattoo.

People were baffled as to how she could have made such a big mistake, with one questioning, “Were you passed out during? “How do you not feel the placement difference? Didn’t you have to hold your lip open? HOW girl how?”

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