‘If He Wants Any Credibility’ Alina Habba’s Remarks on Judge Merchan Stir Controversy on Social Media

 ‘If He Wants Any Credibility’ Alina Habba’s Remarks on Judge Merchan Stir Controversy on Social Media

Photo Credit: ABC News

Alina Habba, the legal spokesperson and attorney for Donald Trump in his New York hush money/election interference case, has faced a flurry of criticism after her recent remarks questioning the credibility of presiding Judge Merchan. In an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Habba suggested that the judge should dismiss the case to regain his credibility.

“It’s time to wrap this case up, throw it out! If this judge wants any credibility back, that’s what he should do,” Habba declared, expressing her dissatisfaction with how the case was being handled. The clip of her comments was shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Acyn, an editor at Meidas Touch Network, accompanied by a caption that read: “Alina Habba says Judge Merchan must throw the Trump criminal case out if he wants any credibility.”

This sparked a wave of reactions from social media users who took the opportunity to critique Habba’s own credibility and legal acumen. Responses ranged from sarcastic to outright mocking. One user retorted, “Habba is one to talk about credibility,” while another quipped, “You have to admit: If anyone would know about lost credibility…” Her comments also earned her a humorous nickname with one user calling her “Habba Dabba Doo @AlinaHabba who lacks any credibility and competence whatsoever” , per BBC.

Another commenter drew a parallel to fictional depictions of Trump, saying, “Habba is as delusional as those oil paintings of Cadet Bonespurs in combat.” Criticism also referenced a significant oversight by Habba in another legal matter involving Trump, where she failed to request a jury trial in a massive civil fraud case in New York, leading to Trump being fined $460 million. One user sarcastically remarked, “Oh well if Alina ‘Let’s forget to check the box for a Jury Trail’ Habba thinks that obviously he has to,” highlighting the mistake.

Further, some users dismissed the notion that Judge Merchan would be concerned about his reputation in Habba’s eyes. “I’m sure a judge that was a former prosecutor and spent 16 years on the bench is worried about his credibility with her,” commented one user, underscoring the judge’s extensive experience and likely indifference to Habba’s critiques.

Elie Honig, a former prosecutor, previously offered a critical assessment of Habba’s capabilities, as reported by Raw Story in January. “The good news is, she is clearly passionate and believes in her client and she is fairly effective at communicating one simple message. She does not know what she’s doing. She cannot even do things that you learn in evidence class, not violate the rules of hearsay,” Honig stated, further noting, “The other thing is, maybe this is impossible, she had zero client control.”

The social media backlash and professional critiques highlight the controversial nature of Habba’s statements and her handling of high-profile legal cases, continuing to fuel debates over her effectiveness as a lawyer.

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