“She’s not there to be an asset to the RNC, she’s there to be Trump’s eyes and ears” Lara Trump Eyed for Key Role in RNC Overhaul After McDaniel’s Ouster

Lara Trump
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Donald Trump has made a significant move in reshaping the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) by facilitating the departure of Ronna McDaniel from her role as chair. The next phase of Trump’s strategy involves a concerted effort by his allies to eliminate committee members who do not demonstrate sufficient loyalty to his vision for the party.

In a bold step, the former president has thrown his support behind a trio of individuals closely aligned with his political agenda to assume key positions within the RNC. This group includes Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law and a vocal proponent of election fraud theories; Michael Whatley, the chair of the North Carolina GOP known for his staunch support of Trump; and Chris LaCivitia, a senior adviser from Trump’s campaign team.

According to information provided by Steve Bannon and other insiders to The Daily Beast, this move signals the beginning of a broader purge aimed at removing established party officials, often referred to derogatorily as “party carts,” in favor of individuals with direct campaign experience.

“I think within 30 days you’ll see a purge of staffers from the RNC because it’s a hotbed for anti-Trumpism,” Bannon told the website. “That’s the open secret.”

This push for a MAGA-centric leadership overhaul occurs amidst financial strains faced by Trump due to his numerous legal entanglements. There is growing apprehension within the party that Trump might resort to utilizing RNC resources to mitigate his legal expenses. However, the proposed leadership slate has plans to reallocate a greater portion of funds to state party organizations, with a focus on critical battleground states like Arizona and Michigan, which are reportedly nearing financial insolvency.

“I think there will be a whole new 168, and they’ve been working around the country to make it a full Trump 168,” said one source close to the RNC. “Trump’s gonna make his own rules here, and he wants his own people in there.”

Lara Trump, married to Eric Trump, is slated to take on a pivotal role in fundraising as co-chair. Despite some within the Trump 2020 campaign expressing relief over McDaniel’s exit, there are reservations about Lara Trump’s suitability for such a significant position within the RNC.

“Lara Trump as the solution is a joke,” that former campaign official said. “She’s not there to be an asset to the RNC, she’s there to be Trump’s eyes and ears.”

Doubts extend beyond the internal campaign circles to GOP donors, who are reportedly anxious about the implications of her potential leadership role. A GOP operative highlighted these concerns, emphasizing the urgent need for a figure capable of generating substantial financial support for Trump’s agenda, a role they believe Lara Trump is ill-equipped to fulfill.

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