Melania Trump Advocates for Unexpected Running Mate in Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign

 Melania Trump Advocates for Unexpected Running Mate in Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign


Melania Trump, the former First Lady, has been relatively low-profile since the launch of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, but recent reports suggest she has a preferred candidate for his running mate: Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News personality. According to an Axios report, Melania sees Carlson as a strong complement to her husband on the campaign trail, potentially prompting her to become more actively involved.

Axios notes, however, that sources close to Trump are skeptical of Carlson as a vice-presidential pick. They believe Trump might be hesitant to choose someone who could potentially overshadow him and are aware that Carlson, known for his independent streak, could be difficult to manage. Despite this, Trump and Carlson reportedly maintain frequent communication.

New York Times columnist Maggie Haberman, speaking on The Dispatch Podcast, also weighed in on the speculation. She acknowledged hearing about the possibility of Carlson being considered for vice president and emphasized Trump’s intention to fill his administration with loyal supporters if re-elected. Haberman noted the professionalism of Trump’s current political team, suggesting a thorough vetting process for potential candidates. However, she also pointed out the potential dynamic challenge of pairing Carlson with Trump, given Carlson’s substantial independent popularity.

Earlier, Trump himself indicated he might consider Carlson for the role, praising Carlson’s common sense during an appearance on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.” Trump lauded Carlson’s views on conservative issues, aligning them more with common sense than political ideology.

Carlson, meanwhile, has been making his predictions about the 2024 election. Speaking at an event, he cast doubt on a Biden-Trump rematch, citing Biden’s polling struggles and Trump’s legal challenges. He referred to Biden as “senile,” not as an insult but as a straightforward assessment. Carlson also reflected on the unpredictable nature of the upcoming election, emphasizing its significance and urging the audience to be prepared for unforeseen developments.

In his speech, Carlson encouraged the audience to think broadly about the future, questioning the lengths to which political players might go to secure power. He stressed the importance of taking the current political situation seriously, signaling a period of significant and unpredictable changes on the road to the 2024 elections.

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