David Beckham’s Alleged Mistress Rebecca Loos Accuses Him Of Sleeping With Another Women Amid Their Affair & His Marriage To Victoria Beckham

David Beckham
( Photo Credit –Instagram )

David Beckham addressed rumors about his alleged relationship with former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, in his new Netflix documentary. His spouse, fashion mogul Victoria Beckham, also weighed in on the matter, sharing the strain it placed on them. The couple has consistently denied the claims. However, fresh revelations are now making waves online.

Rebecca previously alleged that she and David became close in 2003 when he moved to play football in Madrid and she worked for him. At the time, David had been married to Victoria for four years and rebuffed the claims. Nevertheless, the persistent rumors proved challenging for the couple’s relationship.

In the recent Netflix feature, both David and Victoria presented a united front regarding the allegations. This did not sit well with Loos, who has since made a startling new allegation involving David and a Spanish model.

Speaking with DailyMail, Loos recounted attending a birthday celebration for Brazilian footballer Ronaldo Nazário in 2003 alongside David. She narrated an incident where Victoria tried reaching her husband without success. Loos described a situation where she saw a model in a bedroom where David was, passing him the phone and saying, “Your wife.”

Loos also expressed her discontent with David’s portrayal of events in the documentary. She said, “David may have his narrative to maintain, but his version paints me as dishonest. He indirectly implies that I am the reason for Victoria’s distress.”

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