Extremely posh City of the World

Extremely posh City of the World

oslo Extremely posh City of the WorldExtremely posh City of the World

The Survey!

The survey conducted in order to know about the most expensive city of the world was carried out between top 73 countries of the world by comparing the prices and earnings on 122 goods and services that a common man needs daily for survival. And through this comparison, Oslo came out as the most expensive city of the world.


The Economic Crunch!

Recently, it has been disclosed that due to the rising global economic pressures, political instability, unemployment and lower developmental growth; it will become impossible to live in the top ten most expensive cities of the world, where Oslo is being rated as the most expensive city of the world.

There is no Free Lunch!

The concept of economics applies well on the recent condition of the most expensive city that is Oslo. On average, a normal lunch meal in Oslo costs around $43. It is not just an unimaginably huge amount for a regular meal but impossible to even think about for millions of people around the globe especially the ones living below the poverty line. The daily cost of living in Oslo is many times more than most of the cities particularly in U.S.A.

The Majestic City!

Indeed, Oslo is the most expensive city of the world yet the experience of spending $6 on a regular can of beer and drinking it is unique. The city has many hidden wonders and breath-taking museums and parks to spell-bind the tourists from all around the globe. The quality of life that Oslo offers can be found nowhere in the world. The clean and compact nature of Oslo makes it even more favorable for living. Moreover, the population is as low as 550,000 and it is located at one of the most wonderful spots of the world. You will feel privileged to be a part of it as it keeps you closest to nature through its dense forest and serene beaches.

For tourists who wish to visit this most expensive city of the world, you need to know that on budget travelling, Oslo is not going to be a very desirable place for you. It will only seem inviting to you if you have a secure travelling budget and you are well aware of the fact that it is the most expensive city of the world. But being in Oslo is a totally new and different experience and living there is like a dream. Therefore, even though it is the most expensive city of the world, for travelers, a visit to Oslo is a must.

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