Cessna Citation CJ4

 Cessna Citation CJ4

Citation cj4 Private JetsCombining an ergonomic yet stylish cabin, state-of-the-art technological advancements and exceptional performance, the new CJ4 takes all the things you’ve come to know and love about the CJ family and elevates them to entirely new levels. The Cessna engineers who created the CJ4 did so with the benefit of insights from all the CJ owners, operators and pilots who have given us firsthand feedback over the years. Guidance from operators of existing CJs proved to be invaluable when it came time to build an even better one. The CJ4 is brimming with bold ideas, subtle flourishes and smart, usable technological advancements that make it, without a doubt, the most advanced CJ ever. And one of the most advanced Citations ever. – cessna



Maximum Cruise Speed 453 ktas
Maximum Range  1 2,002 nm
Takeoff Distance (S.L., ISA, MTOW)  2 3,130 ft
Landing Distance (S.L., ISA, MLW) 2,700 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude 45,000 ft
Maximum Climb Rate (Sea Level) 3,945 fpm
MMO Mach 0.77


Maximum Ramp Weight 17,070 lb
Maximum Takeoff Weight 16,950 lb
Maximum Landing Weight 15,500 lb
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 12,360 lb
Usable Fuel Capacity
Weight 5,828 lb
Volume 870 gal
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight  1 10,315 lb
Useful Load 6,755 lb
Maximum Payload 2,045 lb
Full Fuel Payload 927 lb
Baggage Capacity
Weight 1,040 lb
Volume 77 cu ft


Length 53 ft 4 in
Height 15 ft 4 in
Wingspan 50 ft 10 in
Wing Area 330 sq ft
Length  2 17 ft 4 in
Maximum Height 57 in
Maximum Width 58 in
Seating Capacity 8 – 9
Single Pilot Certified Yes


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