Wonder Working Flirting Tips

 Wonder Working Flirting Tips

Flirting TipsDating is a common act. But the most important thing of dating is followed by very less people. That vital thing is flirting tips. Everyone has his own flirting tips but one thing should be kept in mind that there are both do’s and don’ts in flirting tips. Over doing flirting tips can result in a tumbledown date. So while dating just keep in mind following flirting tips:

A smiling face

If you are dating someone for a first time then this flirting tip is the first tip that must be followed. I don’t mean to say that this flirting tip is not important in dating second time but yes you already follow this flirting tip without noticing it. Smiling face actually gives other person the comfort zone in dating.

Stay positive

Staying positive means that your date will not think that you are a negative person. In this flirting tip you talk about things you like. You tell her that you like football or you like driving etc. You never tell her in dating that how much you hate Justin Bieber or Twilight. The words “I hate” gives out negative vibes in dating.

Eye contact

In dating eye contact is the key flirting tip. Nonetheless this flirting tip when being followed should look real. Over doing eye contact will become staring and this will make your date uncomfortable. Try to be natural during date.

Ask questions

This flirting tip doesn’t mean that in dating you start testing her academic knowledge. Ask questions about what she is talking. This will express her that you are interested in what she is saying in dating and paying attention too. Look interested even if you are not in datingabout whatever she is saying.

I wonder

These two words in dating will increase her attention on what you are saying. When following this flirting tip you can be a little naughty too in dating. For Instance “I wonder how beautiful you look while sleeping like an angel”.


This flirting tip is inborn in majority of the boys. While dating give compliments which looks sincere. Give compliments on her hair and her dressing style in dating. Commenting on eyes is really an old fashioned compliment in dating.


This is the most romantic flirting tip. Girls are turned on not by her eyes. They are turned on by the touch. If done nicely and carefully in dating you will attract the girl towards you sexually too.

Use all these flirting tips when needed in dating. Do not over do these flirting tips or force them when not needed.

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