“If Trump Wins This Will Be Referred to as the Age of Trump” Says Laura Ingraham, Sparking Outrage

 “If Trump Wins This Will Be Referred to as the Age of Trump” Says Laura Ingraham, Sparking Outrage

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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham made a head-turning claim about former President Donald Trump on Thursday, suggesting that if Trump wins a second term, he could assemble a political machine that might hold power over America for decades.

“If Trump wins, this will be referred to as the age of Trump,” said Ingraham. “He dominates the policy debate in ways that no one has done since Reagan. And if he picks a strong VP… this coalition could be in power for 50 years.” Ingraham’s remarks drew horror from commenters on social media, with many suggesting that she was glorifying the idea of an outright Trump-based dictatorship.

“It sounds like Laura Ingram is about to say that Donald Trump’s American Reich will live for a thousand years,” wrote Russell Drew. “Ingraham is building Trump up to be the Orange King,” wrote the account @mrbigg450. “Just an insane thing to say about a guy half the country hates who was voted out of office 3 years ago,” wrote Mal Reynolds.

“Laura saying the quiet part out loud here… the Unified Reich will be firmly in control!” wrote the account @MarkMantis. “How anyone would find that comforting is 100% beyond me. He’s a fraud, a sexual abuser, and a convicted felon… and you’d like him to be King. We hear you, and will happily vote for Biden.”

“Policy debate?? Who is she kidding?” wrote Gayle Glade. “Shark vs battery? Windmills? Water pressure from the shower head? He’s a paragon of self-awareness, ‘I’ve gotta be the cleanest—I think I’m the most honest human being perhaps that God ever created.’ A man of measured words, ‘They want me BEHEADED after this verdict! And it’s not just me they want gone, THEY’RE REALLY COMING AFTER YOU!’ So maybe it should be called ‘The Age of Republican Dumbf$#%ery,’ but in 50 years Trump will be a footnote on a time this country went off the rails before Biden got us on the right path!”

Ingraham’s comments have ignited a firestorm of criticism and debate. Many view her statement as a hyperbolic and dangerous endorsement of Trump’s potential to consolidate power in a manner reminiscent of authoritarian regimes. Her portrayal of Trump as a dominant force in policy debates has been met with skepticism and alarm, given the contentious and polarizing nature of his previous term.

The backlash underscores the deep political divide in the United States, with Ingraham’s vision of a long-lasting “age of Trump” seen by some as a threat to democratic principles. Critics argue that such rhetoric not only glorifies Trump but also dismisses the significant opposition he faces from a substantial portion of the American populace.

As the debate over Trump’s influence and potential future in politics continues, Ingraham’s comments will likely remain a focal point of controversy, reflecting the ongoing tensions and uncertainties surrounding American political discourse.

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