Trendy hairstyle for guys

 Trendy hairstyle for guys

Hairstyle for guys is the coolest thing for them and guys follow all the hairstyle trends to be in fashion. Hairstyle trend never stays the same every year not even every month. 2011 came with new hairstyles for guys. In 2011 hairstyle trend has a very simple idea behind it which is that hairstyle for guys are the hairstyles they like or a hairstyle which suits them the most. This means that you do not have to go to barber shop more often this year. Guys are going with the simple hairstyles. They are not messing much with their hair this year. If their hairstyle is wavy they are keeping it wavy. If they like their hair to be long they are keeping it long without following any famous hairstyle trend. Nevertheless there are hairstyle trends which are seen popular this year which are as follows:

Front wave hairstyle for guys

Classic front wave hairstyle trend

This hairstyle trend is seen in guys who are office going or who like their hair simple and sound. This is a classic hairstyle trend which we are watching since 1980’s. Many celebrities are also seen wearing this hairstyle for guys. In this hairstyle trend Mark Wahlberg is the one celebrity who has worn this hairstyle for guys very decently and correctly. This hairstyle for guys looks like that you have driven your convertible car at highest speed. Following this hairstyle for guys is not problematic. For this hairstyle trend you need medium length hair and mousse and a blow dryer to dry your hair. Use your fingers to make this hairstyle for guys.

Trendy front wave hairstyle trend

This hairstyle trend can be used to go to some dinner or parties. In this hairstyle for guys just to look trendier to u keep your hair wet by applying gel instead of mousse and use a comb instead of your fingers. Fashionable attire with it will increase value of this hairstyle for guys.

Square hairstyle for guys

Classic square hairstyle trend

This hairstyle trend is of 1950’s and still being followed in 2011. This hairstyle for guys has been followed by most of the black people. To get a better idea to know this hairstyle go look for celebrity Jon Jones who has kept this hairstyle for guys. In this hairstyle trend just go to your barber shop and ask him to cut your hair really short. And give a straight hairline on forehead and down the line. This hairstyle trend also gives you a masculine look.

Trendy square hairstyle trend

To make your square hairstyle for guys trendier you can cut your hair more short and play with the straight hair lines on your head. You can make your square hairstyle for guys more edgy.

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